Monday, September 9, 2013

Wanting to Buy...Everything!

I am the only one who loves to watch YouTube videos and beauty gurus rant and rave about their September "Hits and Misses" or products that they "couldn't live without"?

Yea, didn't think so.

In this modern age it is so easy for ourselves to get caught up in the day-to-day ritual of buying and spending. We see so many people online and on T.V. and in magazines that love to live in excess.

I guess my eternal question is, "is this wrong?" I really do enjoy learning about the latest and greatest cosmetics, or the new color trends for the season, but when is enough enough?

Speaking to a co-worker today, I mentioned that I wanted to buy some new soap (context, I work at Lush Cosmetics). She was busy but interested and asked me which one I would likely buy. None. Why? There is a large It's Raining Men sitting in my shower right now, and not even half of it is used.

For me, the answer is to remember to be humble, even in spending and owning. No, I don't need fifteen different soaps, but one nice one would be great. Should I really get another eye shadow palette? Probably not because chances are the one that you have now will serve you just fine.

Point is:
Assess wants and needs, we all understand that you and I could live without that concealer or mascara or those new Winter boots. If those material items bring happiness (such as in the case of a make-up artist, or using fashion as a creative outlet) fine, but when relying on those products too much, one may find themselves sucked into that dressed-up world of television and glossy covers.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blog of The Month: September 2013

And the first ever blog of the month goes to...drum roll please...

Chocolate Covered Katie!
I literally have been chocolate addicted addicted to this website for over a year now, and have been recently viewing her blog at least once a day -- am I really online that much?

"This healthy dessert blog is for anyone who wants to be healthy but refuses to give up eating delicious desserts in the name of health. Happiness and health go hand-in-hand, and how can you be happy if you’re not eating what you truly desire? My favorite food is chocolate, and I eat it at least once a day. I’ve never been happier. Or healthier."

Sounds good to me Katie! Check out CCK if you love baking, healthy foods, veganism, and/or are gluten free.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tarte and e.l.f. cosmetics haul (reviews coming soon!)

tarte nuetralEYES eye shadow palette $44.00

 10 eye shadow colors, 
 1 emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner in brown
 1 dual-ended eye shadow brush

row 1 colors (left to right): matte bone, matte taupe, matte olive green, shimmering bronze, matte deep teal
row 2 colors (left to right): matte soft pink, shimmering soft peach, matte brown, matte plum, matte navy

tarte dollface blush and park ave princess bronze (on the go size) $15.00



e.l.f. cream eyeliner in black $3.00

e.l.f. matte lipcolor in Rich Red $3.00